When Stargate comes to Bluzelle Curium

Want to keep a close eye on how the progression of the project is going? Check out the active branches on GitHub and see what the team is working on. With some easy research we can stay one step ahead of the pack and potentially see an update before it hits the official announcement channel.

We can see there is a lot of activity on a branch called stargate

We can safely assume this an update to the Cosmos SDK, the largest update Cosmos has received to date. What could this upgrade mean for Blzuelle?

  1. Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC)– cross-chain transactions
  2. Protobuf Migration – blockchain performance & dev acceleration
  3. State Sync – minutes to sync new nodes
  4. Full-Featured Light Clients
  5. Chain Upgrade Module – upgrade automation

Source: Cosmos Stargate Upgrade Overview

  • Inter-Blockchain Communication? Whoa! The Cosmos chain, or any blockchain based on the Cosmos SDK could use Bluzelle key-value databases seamlessly on their own chains!
  • Better blockchain performance.
  • Information on Full-Featured Light Clients is scarce at the moment.
  • State-Sync would be a massive quality of life improvement for node operators. Currently it takes days to sync a node from scratch.
  • Chain Upgrade Module – upgrade automation. Another huge quality of life improvement for validators. Previous blockchain upgrades have been painful and difficult for validators to navigate, though I would like to give credit to CTO Neeraj for being on point with documentation and presence during the softnet/mainnet transition, this is still a very welcomed upgrade.

Obviously there is no guarantee the functions above will be in the next Bluzelle update, but who doesn’t love to make predictions and speculate on the future of this great project.