Zero Eight was created in 2018 as the first community node on Bluzelle’s swarmDB. swarmDB was Bluzelle’s first functioning mvp for a decentralised database. Fast forward to 2021 and Zero Eight is a validator on mainnet and testnet. Zero Eight was the first validator after Bluzelle on mainnet and has been involved in many testnets leading up to mainnet. A long the way there have been bugs to report and documentation to help out with. People should not forget Bluzelle curium is open source. Anyone can review the code, report issues and submit patches. Community participation is encouraged, keep an eye out for the many bounties Bluzelle issue.

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Zero Eight

In contrast to other validators, Zero Eight is a run on a server the team has physical access to, most other validators are run on cloud providers. To elimate single point of failure there is cloud back up of Zero Eight ready to take over in case our datacenter burns to the ground.


  • Zero Eight has a 10Gbps uplink to its ISP
  • Netgate XG-7100 running the lastest stable version of pfsense


  • SuperMicro Xeon D-2100 server
  • Intel® Xeon D-2146NT CPU 8C/16T 2.3/3.0GHz
  • 128GB DDR4 REG ECC 3200MHz
  • 1TB NVMe M.2 Disk
  • Dual 10Gbps NICs
  • x4 1Gbps NICs


Zero Eight is run completely on FOSS

  • Promox PVE
  • Virtualised instance of Debian 10
  • Monitored by LibreNMS
  • Exports data metrics with Prometheus
  • Pretty dashboards with Grafana
  • One sentry node is running on FreeBSD

Current deployment

As Bluzelle curium has progressed the stakes have increased. This calls for a more robust deployment, therefor all mainnet nodes, both validator and sentries are run on cloud platforms. The testnet nodes are still hosted on the hardware above though!