Monitoring stack released

dallas_barr, the operator of validator Stake.House has released a docker-compose stack for monitoring systems running Bluzelle Curium. The stack is made up of

  • prometheus
  • alertmanager
  • alerta
  • grafana

The tools are available on GitHub here.


When configured and running the stack will send email alerts if a validator is not signing blocks, running low on disk space, free available RAM and some other important metrics like high CPU utilisation or not enough connected peers.


Target "validator.testnet:26660" is down for more than 5 minutes.


alertname: ExporterTargetDown
environment: testnet
instance: validator.testnet:26660
job: testnet
role: validator
service: exporter
severity: critical

You can also get a live feed from alerta or grafana’s web ui.


Grafana is a neat tool for presenting data with pretty visualisations. It’s the same tool used to present blockchain data on our own metrics site.

Getting started

Everything you need to know in order to deploy the stack is written in the project’s file, written by yours truly.