Osmosis Staking Guide

This guide has step by step instructions on how to stake osmo on mp20.

Before we begin here is a short explanation of the core aspects of staking and some associated lingo.

Staking can also be referred to as delegating, a person who stakes is known as a delegator, the amount of staked tokens is also known as the bonding amount, moving staked tokens from one validator to another is called redelegating, withdrawing your staked tokens from a validator is called unbonding. Many chains have the same mechanism for staking/delegating, however they use different words for the same thing, meaning there are several words for the same thing thrown around.


  • Keplr for Chrome or Brave. Keplr is not offcially supported for Brave, but tends to work.
  • A balance of ATOM which can be acquired on different exchanges.

You need to have followed these steps to proceed.

  1. Bought ATOM on any of the exchanges that have the token listed.
  2. Installed the Keplr wallet extension and followed the instructions to create or import your account. This guide can be helpful
  3. Sent ATOM to your Keplr wallet address.

Staking guide

1) Keplr

Connect your Keplr wallet on Omosis' web app

2) IBC transfer

Transfer ATOM with the magic of Inter-Blockchain Communication.

On occasion this can take a couple of minutes. Refresh the page every so often until the transfer is complete. You will see the transfered tokens in Keplr, be sure to choose the Osmosis chain in the top bar drop down menu.

3) Asset swap

Swap ATOM for OSMO

Use the cog to specify slippage.

4) Staking

On the Osmosis web app, click stake. This will open a Keplr wallet tab, scroll the list until you find mp20. Click manage, delegate and enter your desired staking amount. All set! Congratulations! Keep track of your rewards here