osmosis mainnet launch +6 months

Roughly 6 months has passed since osmosis launched mainnet. A write up of our experience so far is long over due.


The osmosis community is fantastic, specially the close nit group of active validators that help add features to the project and help each other out when someone is faced with a problem.

The amount of progress this chain has made vastly exceeds anything else we have seen from similar projects. Community updates are frequent, delegations are ever increasing, LP rewards are solid, new liquidity pools are being added often, timely patches that address the most urgent pain points and so on. Speaking of pain points there is one issue in particular that has proved a massive challenge for us.

The fear of epoch

Once per day during epoch a block is mined calculating all the LP rewards for the past 24 hours. The block causes a massive strain on the server and in our case it caused our VPS to become unresponsive, when it finally recovered it would have lost its connection to its sentries and would not reconnect, the band aid solution was the restart the osmosis daemon every day after epoch. Not optimal by any means. We decided to migrate the validator to real dedicated hardware, we lost fewer blocks but still could not reliably survive epoch. We have put in a fair amount of time trying to trouble shoot the issue but we have come to the conclusion that it is out of our grasp and need to hold out until wiser people have had the necessary time to think it over, if you are interested in further reading this issue and this issue on the osmosis github will have more details.