mp20 to become genesis validator on Osmosis

mp20 has submitted a PR that has been merged into main paving the way for mp20 to become a genesis validator on yet another cosmos based chain. We enjoy backing projects that have the potential to revolutionise their respective fields. Mainnet launch is planned for the 16th June. Follow Osmosis on Web Twitter GitHub Medium Osmosis Osmosis is a fair-launched, customizable automated market maker for interchain assets that allows the creation and management of non-custodial, self-balancing, interchain token index similar to one of Balancer.

When Stargate comes to Bluzelle Curium

Want to keep a close eye on how the progression of the project is going? Check out the active branches on GitHub and see what the team is working on. With some easy research we can stay one step ahead of the pack and potentially see an update before it hits the official announcement channel. We can see there is a lot of activity on a branch called stargate We can safely assume this an update to the Cosmos SDK, the largest update Cosmos has received to date.