Deploying a sentry and validator on Bluzelle's mainnet

This post will explain how to deploy and set up a sentry and validator on Bluzelle’s mainnet. The sentry will act as a proxy for the validator. You’ll need 2 instances of your favorit linux distro, this guide was done using Debian 10. Make adjustments where needed. 1 vCPU, 4 gb ram and 80 gb of storage will get the job done (for now) Install dependencies sudo apt install git build-essential jq nano wget -y

Monitoring stack released

dallas_barr, the operator of validator Stake.House has released a docker-compose stack for monitoring systems running Bluzelle Curium. The stack is made up of prometheus alertmanager alerta grafana The tools are available on GitHub here. Alerts When configured and running the stack will send email alerts if a validator is not signing blocks, running low on disk space, free available RAM and some other important metrics like high CPU utilisation or not enough connected peers.

Public RPC on mainnet

mp20 has opened the RPC port on for the public to interact with. Query To query the node from blzcli append –node to the command dApps Developers are welcome to use sentry-02 for their applications as a fallback/secondary to Further discussion As always, you can find us on Bluzelle’s Community Discord if you have any questions.