osmosis testnet snapshot service

mp20 is looking to take a more active role in Osmosis QA work. The first step is deploying validator and nodes on the testnet and also providing a testnet snapshot service for quick sync. This will shorten the onboarding time frame from days to 45 minutes. Have a look at the WIP osmosis documentation on how to deploy on the testnet, the best place to start if you are interested in validating on Osmosis.

osmosis mainnet launch +6 months

Roughly 6 months has passed since osmosis launched mainnet. A write up of our experience so far is long over due. Community The osmosis community is fantastic, specially the close nit group of active validators that help add features to the project and help each other out when someone is faced with a problem. The amount of progress this chain has made vastly exceeds anything else we have seen from similar projects.

Osmosis server migration

A couple of days ago we successfully migrated to dedicated hardware to run our validator and sentries. Running on virtual servers and block storage was not viable with the strain on I/O during epoch. After bashing our heads against the wall trying to survive epoch without disconnects on the VPS we finally gave in. The new hardware is performing well, missed blocks will hopefully continue to be a rare event.

Osmosis Staking Guide

This guide has step by step instructions on how to stake osmo on mp20. Before we begin here is a short explanation of the core aspects of staking and some associated lingo. Staking can also be referred to as delegating, a person who stakes is known as a delegator, the amount of staked tokens is also known as the bonding amount, moving staked tokens from one validator to another is called redelegating, withdrawing your staked tokens from a validator is called unbonding.

mp20 to become genesis validator on Osmosis

mp20 has submitted a PR that has been merged into main paving the way for mp20 to become a genesis validator on yet another cosmos based chain. We enjoy backing projects that have the potential to revolutionise their respective fields. Mainnet launch is planned for the 16th June. Follow Osmosis on Web Twitter GitHub Medium Osmosis Osmosis is a fair-launched, customizable automated market maker for interchain assets that allows the creation and management of non-custodial, self-balancing, interchain token index similar to one of Balancer.