osmosis testnet snapshot service

mp20 is looking to take a more active role in Osmosis QA work. The first step is deploying validator and nodes on the testnet and also providing a testnet snapshot service for quick sync. This will shorten the onboarding time frame from days to 45 minutes. Have a look at the WIP osmosis documentation on how to deploy on the testnet, the best place to start if you are interested in validating on Osmosis.

Deploying a sentry and validator on bluzelleTestNetPublic-22

This post will explain how to deploy and set up a sentry and validator on Bluzelle’s current testnet. The sentry will act as a proxy for the validator. You’ll need 2 instances of your favorit linux distro, this guide was done using Debian 10. Make adjustments where needed. 1 vCPU, 4 gb ram and 80 gb of storage will get the job done (for now) Install dependencies sudo apt install git build-essential jq nano wget -y