zero eight

Public RPC on mainnet

mp20 has opened the RPC port on for the public to interact with. Query To query the node from blzcli append –node to the command dApps Developers are welcome to use sentry-02 for their applications as a fallback/secondary to Further discussion As always, you can find us on Bluzelle’s Community Discord if you have any questions.

Selecting a Validator

This question gets asked a lot. The short answer is which ever one you want. The long answer is do your research and keep reading. Risks When delegating tokens to a validator you are trusting the validator not to get penalised by the network. If a validator gets jailed for failing to sign the required amount of blocks in a given window, all delegators and the validator’s self delegated stake is slashed by 0.


Zero Eight was created in 2018 as the first community node on Bluzelle’s swarmDB. swarmDB was Bluzelle’s first functioning mvp for a decentralised database. Fast forward to 2021 and Zero Eight is a validator on mainnet and testnet. Zero Eight was the first validator after Bluzelle on mainnet and has been involved in many testnets leading up to mainnet. A long the way there have been bugs to report and documentation to help out with.